The Benefits of a "No Blame Culture"



Building a Foundation

BroadStream Solutions is building a foundation for success based as much on organizational values and culture as on software technology.  In the Broadcast industry,  technology drives innovation and progress. Software developers such as BroadStream are continually striving to deliver new and better system solutions. And yet, the key to creating the future lies in setting creative minds free; free from blame and free from fear. 

No Blame Culture 

BroadStream operates in a “No Blame” culture. Employees are encouraged to speak openly about problems and mistakes. When problems occur, small teams are created to work towards finding solutions. In this way our staff are empowered to be honest and open about the obstacles to progress. There are no “elephants in the room” when we gather together to discuss how to improve our service levels.

“Our 'No Blame Culture' has liberated the organization”, according to David Bowes, COO/CFO. “Its amazing how we can have fun and enjoy our workdays more. The benefits have also flowed through to our customers in terms of improved delivery on time and better overall customer satisfaction.”

BroadStream also adopts a “No Blame Culture” in its relationship with customers as an extension of “The customer is always right”. Whenever we encounter problems at a customer site, we never try to apportion blame. Even when we would be fully entitled to seek restitution from the customer, we just get together with their key players and work towards executing solutions. 

The Benefits

Being a part of the solution, as opposed to wasting time looking for blame sets people free to focus on their positive energy, and much more is accomplished in a shorter space of time. Customers benefit, BroadStream benefits and our employees are happier. It’s a win-win all-round!

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October 05, 2016 Blog

About the Author: David Bowes

David Bowes

David Bowes: COO/CFO, BroadStream Solutions. A successful executive who's career spans the Automotive, Motorsports and Aerospace Industries. His most recent positions were with Rover Group as Finance and Manufacturing Strategy Director; Director at Lola Group (UK) and Elan Motorsports Group (USA). As COO/CFO of BroadStream, David's mission is to improve operational efficiency and overall business strategy by utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience in delivery and quality control. In this series of articles, David shares some of his knowledge on team building and improving productivity.

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