Peter Wharton Discusses What's New at BroadStream Solutions - NAB2016

NAB2016 is a pleasant memory now that we are soon to enter summer. All the hard work at NAB paid off and we are happy to welcome some new cusotmers to BroadStream and we'll tell you all about them over the next few months. In the meantime, if you didn't make it NAB or you are just now beginning your plan for an automation refresh or thinking about new technology to carry you forward you shouldwatch and listen to Peter Wharton our VP of Technology and Business Development as he tells InBroadcast What's New at BroadStream.

Peter discusses new features with OASYS Advanced Playout Solution for the Cloud, BEACON Simplified Playout for stations that don't need all the bells and whistles that many playout solutions make you pay for and never use. He also touches base on some new partnerships we have with TMD for media asset management and others. So, take a look...and then download our ebook on the advantages of Integrated Playout versus traditional Master Control below. Just click the photo.


Integrated Playout vs Master Control: Free Comparison Guide


May 26, 2016 Blog

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