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Every year NAB illustrates that the only thing constant about the broadcast business is CHANGE. And with constant change comes uncertainty. What will TV will look like in the future? What technology will likely drive these future changes?

No one really knows so broadcasters need to be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and often unforeseen requirements.

Over the past few years we've seen a dramitic shift from hardware-based solutions to software-based solutions driven by the growing power of commodity IT hardware and the increasing flexibility software-based solutions provide as they help broadcasters adapt to these changes much qucker than hardware-based solutions.

Our focus at BroadStream has been and will be on software-based playout driven by our responsive development team to make sure the products and solutions we provide our customers will prepare them for whatever comes next, including:

  • UHDTV/4K channels
  • Centralization and multichannel operations
  • Metadata-driven workflows
  • New diginets, pop-up and OTT channels
  • Unified channel playout and OTT VOD authoring
  • Next-generation IP, from SMPTE 2022-6 to SMPTE 2345 (AIMS/VSF TR-03 & TR-04)
  • ATSC 3.0

For NAB we’re introducing several new products and features including:

  • OASYS Advanced Playout for virtualized and cloud environments, ideal for:
    • Running in your own VM, private cloud or public cloud such as Amazon Web Services
    • Launching pilot and test channels
    • Creating pop-up channels for special events, sports seasons and election coverage
    • Implementing business continuity planning – true DR without the infrastructure, costs and maintenance
  • ARMADA Time Delay servers with:
    • Multi-channel – up to 4 channels per server
    • Multiple outputs, each with independent logo insertion
    • Delays adjustable per output from 0 seconds to 10 days
  • BEACON Simplified Playout, ideal for:
    • Dot-2 and dot-3 “diginets”
    • Regional, educational and corporate channels
    • Network affiliate branding with content replacement and blackout coverage
    • and other cost-conscious applications
  • New partnerships and product integrations including:

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April 16, 2016 Blog

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